If you are a 501(c)(3) entity selected communities in northeast or central Ohio, you will likely qualify to apply for a grant from our foundation. The following instructions document the application process. If you have questions regarding the process or qualifications, contact info@gpdf.saosdev.com. If you have questions regarding anything in the application, contact admin@gpdf.saosdev.com.

  1. Take the Prequalification Quiz
    • This quiz will allow us to determine which grant process will best fit your needs.
    • Upon qualification for one of our grant processes, you will be provided with an access code. That code will be necessary to access the application once you have registered on our site.
    • Click the “Register Here” button next to the code to register your organization.
  2. Register your Organization
    • The button will take you to a new page to create a new account for your organization.
    • Click on the “Create New Account” button. Fill out your organization’s information.
    • Information is saved as you enter it, however, if you use the back button on your browser, you will need to start over.
    • Items with an asterisk are required.
    • Our system will send an email to the address you provided when you complete the process.
    • Once you have verified that you received an email from us, you and your organization are registered and you will be directed to the Application Page.
  3. Fill out the Application
    • You will need to type in the code you were provided at the end of the prequalification quiz and click the “Enter” button. This will bring up a description of the application process for which you qualified in the prequalification quiz.
    • Click on the process title in blue which will bring up the actual application.
    • You will see your contact information at the top. You may edit this information by clicking the pencil to the right.
    • Below that is your organization’s information that was entered in the registration process. If any of that information is incorrect, you must contact us at admin@gpdf.saosdev.com to make the corrections.
    • Again, items marked with an asterisk are required and an answer must be provided before the application can be submitted.
    • You may quit at any time and return to the application by logging back in using the login and password set up in the registration process.
    • Once you have filled out all the required items (and we hope you will fill out the others as well), click the “Submit Application” button. You will receive an email from us indicating that your application has been successfully submitted.
    • Upon review of your application, if we find issues with the application we will contact you; otherwise decisions will be made and communicated in March 2022.

Thank-you for your interest in helping us make a difference in the lives of children.