For decades, GPD Group has relied on our passion and imagination to transform our client’s visions into reality. With the strength of our team of over 700 professionals and the commitment from our partners, we now strive to focus that same imagination towards making a lasting difference in the lives of children. Understanding fully the importance of education and social development, we believe that the right amount of encouragement in the classroom, including at-risk children and those with medical or special needs, will help them tap into their utmost potential and perhaps spark their own imaginations. We firmly embrace the following guiding principles:

  • Our actions shall be applied in appropriate manners to maximize the effectiveness of our support.
  • We recognize that our foundation is only positioned to assist as a partner with problem solving and results depend on the quality of our partnerships.
  • Many factors influence a child’s development and each child is unique.
  • Our actions shall be conducted with integrity, honesty and a sense of community.
  • Compassion is a key component in all decisions regarding the growth of children.
  • Foundation staff is comprised exclusively of GPD Group employees who are volunteering to lead, support and carry out our mission.
  • In addition to our employees support, cultivation of resources and funds from other sources is instrumental in our endeavors.